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Project: Allianz swim

Client: Allianz

Australia is known as a swimming nation, yet 1 in 4 Aussie adults don’t know how to swim. For some, it’s because of a negative past experience. For others, learning was not part of their culture. Many have simply given up trying.

As a brand synonymous with sport and helping Australians be ready for tomorrow, Allianz decided to help.

Allianz Swim Club is a free, world-first program designed to help non-swimming adults get comfortable in the water after years of fear, embarrassment, or even trauma.

Developed with world experts, AUSTSWIM and Masters Swimming, lessons provide participants with both physical and emotional skills, as well as a sense of community and pride about learning late in life.

Allianz Swim Club’s first 8-week program starts today across 15 pools, in 5 states. With thousands of interested participants registering for this first wave, Allianz is already looking ahead to the program expanding in 2024.

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