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We're proud to share that Howatson+Company
has achieved Carbon Neutral status.

We believe businesses and brands can inspire others to act now by behaving in the best interests of the next generation and generations thereafter.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and have partnered with PathZero, a carbon advisory, to understand our current impact. The audit process is as forensic as a tax return – every action we make is scrutinised and the carbon consequence weighed. In addition, an independent third-party auditor has verified Path Zero’s calculations.

We’ve learned our existence has created over 1,400 tonnes of carbon over the FY22 financial year. Every year we’ll be audited by Path Zero at the turn of the financial year to provide an exact measure of our impact. To offset our actions, we are investing in three local APAC Climate Active/ Australian Government certified projects.

Our achievement of Climate Active certification, see us join just over 400 companies Australia-wide and is a demonstration of our commitment to leaving a legacy on people, culture and the world. Our Climate Active PDS statement is available to download here

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