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Project: I'm Dying Inside


Life’s a lot for Gen Z today. Heartbreak. Anxiety. Moving out. Coming out. Sex. New friends. Ex-friends. #hustleculture. The f***ing climate crisis. Men. Then you get your period. To show how Modibodi, Australia’s leading period underwear brand, gives you the leak-free support to navigate it all, we didn’t create an ad - we created new series built for Gen Z’s favourite platform. ‘I’m Dying Inside’ is a modern period drama created exclusively for TikTok, following four housemates all getting their periods at the same time, that celebrates the realities of growing up today for young people who menstruate. Each episode explores a range of modern period experiences and taboo topics, showing how Modibodi helps you leave leaks out of it. The series has already reached over 5 million views on TikTok and counting.

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