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Project: Second Favourite Beer

Client: Matilda Bay Brewery

When it comes to lager, Aussies are a loyal bunch. They don’t just drink their favourite beers, they proudly wear branded merch, get tattoos of logos, even build shrines in their sheds. So, to encourage trial of Matilda Bay’s new Hazy Lager, we decided not to compete with people’s favourite beers, but instead help them love their favourites even more. 

By ordering Hazy Lager at participating venues and bottle shops, punters can walk away with unique prizes, like a custom-made VB massage chair, a one-of-a-kind Carlton Dry hot tub, Great Northern fishing kits, Carlton Draught fridges, snowboards, surfboards, BBQs, plus much more – created, built and sourced by Matilda Bay themselves. 

The promotion ran at over 200 participating venues and bottle shops across Australia – supported by online film, OOH, social, PR and digital.

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